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High Tail It Pet Sitting
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High Tail It Pet Sitting
in YOUR home by licensed and bonded
professionals that really CARE about your pets!
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High Tail It started because of our own needs. As a pet owner, we just trustworthy, I just didn't think anyone was dedicated to meeting the needs
of my energetic husky, and she wasn't used to cages. She would be trapped in a cage all day only to break out for a couple walks a day!

Enter Pet Sitting. As an animal lover and activist, I knew there were many people who felt the same way I do.  My dog was already stressed that I
was leaving, so why stress her further? Leaving them in their home would be best of all, if not leaving them with someone who truly WANTS to
be with them, a professional Pet Sitter! At High Tail It, your furry family members are treated as if they are our own. Love, attention and
affection are showered on your pets, making your absence as bearable as possible.

"High Tail It" is a pet sitting service that allows you to feel comfortable traveling, while your pets are content at home, with loving caregivers to
come as often as you wish to feed them, play with them, and take them for walks. We know how hard it is to leave them, so why put them in a
kennel that will keep them in a cage, or never give them the attention they crave? Leave them at home, where they are happy, and let us care for
them in your absence. We are animal lovers, and will treat them with as much love and care as we do our own pets.

Leaving your pets is never easy, but knowing they are at home, being taken care of takes one more worry off your mind, and helps you enjoy your
vacation! Travel regularly for work? Keep your mind at ease, and call High Tail It for our "Regular Basis" package! You can call us and check
on your pet, and we will call you if any problems arise!